Eye witness testimonies and video footage point to a devastating blow for the Syrian army, as rebel forces claim to have captured 300 Syrian army tanks along with huge stores of ammunition. 

Rebel forces have uploaded a clip to the YouTube channel presenting their control of an army base in the Rahm el Kalmon area, West of the capital Damascus.

The clip shows hundreds of tanks along with other arms, and large stores of ammunition. Reports say the rebels have begun using the tanks against the Syrian army.

It comes a day after rebels released footage of what they said was a Syrian drone aircraft they shot down near Damascus.

According to a BBC report a few days ago, since 2011, rebel forces have succeeded in destroying some 1,100 tanks out of the 5,200 tanks owned by the Syrian army. In addition it said that up until now, 256 tanks had already fallen to rebel hands, with a further 357 tanks badly damaged. 

The Syrian Air Force has also reportedly lost 211 planes and helicopters. Recently rebels seized a large load of supplies including amunition, that was being parachuted to an army checkpoint.

In many situations, Syrian forces have been surrounded and cut off by rebels, with key vantage points in rebel hands meaning the only way of resupplying forces is by parachuting supplies to them.

Steady losses by Syria's regular armed forces has forced the regime to rely increasingly on Iranian-trained local militias, as well as foreign fighters from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

Foreign fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorist group have provided particularly valuable support in filling in the gaps in Syria's own military forces, most notably in the Qusair region, in western Syria, where they played a crucial role in ousting rebels who had dug in for a year. 

But facing an increasing backlash, the group recently decided to withdraw 1,200 of its fighters. Those men will apparently be replaced by Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who are playing an increasingly prominent role on the Syrian battlefield.

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