Damascus Gate
Damascus Gate Flash 90

Dozens of young Arabs have rioted near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem with some waving PLO flags and others hurling stones at police.

No one was hurt in the incident which took place late afternoon Tuesday as police officers at the scene successfully dispersed the crowd. Two youths were arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace.

Earlier Tuesday, a young Jewish couple from the town of Beit El, along with their four year-old son, narrowly escaped death after an Arab lynch mob attacked their car near Jerusalem's A-Tur neighborhood.

Asaf and Naama Bruchi were travelling through the largely Arab neighborhood when their car stopped in traffic. Suddenly, they were pelted by rocks and other missiles, and found their car surrounded by Arab thugs.

Earlier this week, dozens of Arab youth held multiple riots outside the Israeli town of Beit El north of Jerusalem. The riots escalated, leading IDF commanders to decide to close a nearby highway until quiet can be restored.

In July, a hareidi-religious Jewish man was stabbed near Damascus Gate. A day later, an Arab group calling to "free Quds" (Jerusalem) uploaded a video of an Arab mob attacking Jewish drivers in the same area.