Fire engines and military vehicles in front o
Fire engines and military vehicles in front o Reuters

Kenyan troops are "in control" of Nairobi's Westgate shopping mall, the Kenyan interior ministry announced overnight Monday, according to AFP.

"We're in control of Westgate," the ministry said in a post on Twitter, some 60 hours after Islamist terrorists stormed the complex and killed at least 62 people.

"Our forces are combing the mall floor by floor looking for anyone left behind. We believe all hostages have been released," the ministry said, according to AFP.

On Sunday night, Kenyan troops, including commando teams and military helicopters, launched a major assault against the Al-Shabaab terrorists who were holed up in the mall.

Reports said that at least three loud explosions and heavy and rapid bursts of fire were heard Monday morning coming from the Westgate shopping complex.

According to some reports, Israel security forces have joined their Kenyan counterparts in the fight to rescue hostages captured by Islamist terrorists at a Nairobi mall.

An Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny the reports.

Al-Shabaab has claimed that there were American terrorists among those who attacked the mall.

The Somali Al-Qaeda affiliate tweeted a series of names on its latest Twitter account before it was suspended by the social networking site.