Syrian rebels take aim near Damascus
Syrian rebels take aim near Damascus Reuters

An Israeli Arab who was said to be fighting on the side of the rebels in Syria was killed, it was reported Tuesday. The family of Muid Juma'a in the village of Shirafa, near Um el-Faham, received a message that Muid, in his twenties, had been killed.

A photo showed his body riddled with bullets. If correct, he would be the first Israeli Arab killed in the fighting in Syria.

Muid married last year, the family said. He did not inform his wife or other family members that he had entered Syria. He left Israel about three weeks ago, probably via Jordan, and reached Syrian rebels, with whom he began fighting, the family said. Muid left with two other companions, who have not been heard from either, the family said.

In July, reports said that a student from the Carmiel area who was studying medicine abroad had traveled to Syria to fight with the rebels. Another Israeli Arab, a 29-year-old from Taibe, was arrested last April when he attempted to return to Israel after spending time with the rebels in Syria.

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