Border Police
Border Police Flash 90

Israeli Border Police have arrested two Arab men at the Tapuach junction after being alerted by suspicious-looking bags the pair were carrying.

The two men, aged 18 and 20, both residents of the Raas el Ayn refugee camp near Shechem, arrived at the checkpoint at the junction on Tuesday afternoon carrying plastic bags.

After border police stationed at the junction approached the two to check the contents of the bags they discovered four Molotov cocktails ready for use.

The pair were arrested and taken for questioning at the Ariel Police Station with initial investigations suggesting the suspects intended to use the weapons imminently.

Last month three firebombs were thrown at an Israeli vehicle on Highway 60 which connects the Tapuach Junction to the Shechem-area Jewish communities of Har Bracha, Itamar and Yitzhar.

Jenin Operation

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a terrorist was killed during a night time operation in Jenin when security forces encountered violent resistance when they attempted to apprehend the wanted man.

Terrorists threw improvised explosive devices and molotov cocktails at forces who responded with live fire towards one of the terrorists, who was lightly wounded and evacuated to hospital in Israel by security forces.

During the operation, security forces opened fire after identifying the central suspect of the operation as he attempted to escape. He was wounded and taken to receive medical treatment by Israeli military and later died in hospital.

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