Prayers at Mishkan Ehud
Prayers at Mishkan Ehud Aryeh Goldberger

About 400 people prayed on Yom Kippur at the new synagogue in Itamar, Samaria, which was built following the slaughter of five members of the Fogel family inside their home in 2011.

The synagogue and study hall, Mishkan Ehud, is named after Ehud Fogel, the father of the family, who murdered along with his wife, Ruth, and three children as they slept. It serves as the permanent home of the Itamar High Yeshiva.

Besides the students at the yeshiva, the congregants included the brothers of Ruth Fogel, as well as Tamar Fogel, who found her parents' and brothers' bodies on that awful night, and her brother Ro'ee, who was asleep and was not found by the terrorists.

"The prayers were very uplifting,” said Aryeh Goldberger, a resident of the community. “At the end of the parayer, the congregants burst into singing that lasted a long time. Singing that was reminiscent of the joy of the nation of Israel when the High Priest emerged safely from the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur.”

Panoramic image of Mishkan Ehud
Panoramic image of Mishkan Ehud Aryeh Goldberger

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