(Illustration) AK 47 Kalashnikov rifle
(Illustration) AK 47 Kalashnikov rifleFlash 90

A loud gunshot was heard from within the Jordanian House of Representatives as one Member of Parliament opened fire this morning, the Albawaba Middle Eastern news site reported.

According to news reports, MP Talal Al Sharif opened fire using an AK-47 on his colleague MP Qusai Dmeisi during a Foreign Affairs Council meeting inside of the House of Representatives, which is located in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

It remains unknown as to why Sharif opened fire, but no casualties have been reported. 

The Qatar-based news outlet, Aljazeera, reported that Sharif went down to his car after a dispute with Dmeisi and tried to reenter the building with his firearm. While security guards were confiscating his weapon by force, the trigger was pulled and a stray bullet hit the wall of the Parliament hall.

There has been a long history of scuffles in the Jordanian parliament, with many sessions having to be adjourned due to violence. 

Deputy Qusai Dmeisi was involved in a separate scuffle just last week when he tried to attack MP Yihya Saud for accusations the latter made against Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour. A video of the parliamentary session captured the brawl taking place between the two parliament members.

This past May, fisticuffs broke out in the Jordanian parliament's plenum session as Prime Minister Dr. Abdallah al-Nussur replied to a parliamentary query from MP Kamal al-Zrul regarding the rising price of electricity.