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PM Netanyahu Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the headquarters of Israel's non-military intelligence services – the "external" Mossad intelligence agency, which operates outside of Israel, and the domestic Shin Bet (also known as Shabak, or Israeli Security Agency/ISA).

At the headquarters of the Mossad, which is currently headed by Tamir Pardo, Netanyahu praised the organization's accomplishments.

“Your secret activity is an important element in the security of the citizens of Israel,” he told the agency's employees. “It is part of the aggressive security policy that has restored Israel's power of deterrence in recent years.”

Netanyahu said that Israel still faces great tasks, “especially in the face of what is happening on our borders. In one of the most challenging periods for Israel's security, we are the navigating the state responsibly, with a lot of experience and judgment.”

In a visit to the headquarters of the Shin Bet, which is headed by Yoram Cohen, Netanyahu thanked the agents for their tireless work in preventing terror attacks, singling out their latest achievement in apprehending a Ramallah-based Hamas cell that was planning to attack shoppers in Jerusalem's Mamilla mall.

"These accomplishments can be felt in the meaningful reduction of the number of deaths from terror in recent years,” he said. “No one can guarantee that this quiet will be maintained, but the Shin Bet and security services are prepared to continue to defend the citizens of Israel from every threat.”

Israel's third intelligence service, besides Shin Bet and Mossad, is Military Intelligence, which is a part of the IDF.

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