Evyatar Avivi z"l
Evyatar Avivi z"l From the memorial website

The Northern District Prosecution filed charges of negligent homicide Monday at the Nazareth District Court against Yosef Yehoshua Eliav, 54, of Neveh Daniel, who was teacher and deputy head of the Horev Yeshiva in Jerusalem, in the drowning death of a student in 2010.

The boy, Evyatar Avivi z”l, was an eighth grade student when he drowned in a pool during a school field trip to northern Israel.

According to the charge sheet, a group of 215 students from the 7th and 8th grades in Horev Yeshiva went on a field trip in May, 2010. Eliav was the trip's organizer, and the person responsible for safety arrangements.

On the second day of the rip, at 6:15 p.m., he allowed the pupils to swim in the Ganei Huga pools, without receiving permission from their parents for this, without permission from the Ministry of Education and without checking if they could swim. Ganei Huga is a water park built near natural springs.

Evyatar's father, Avner Avivi, told Arutz Sheva Monday that the Ministry of Education never punished the teacher or the school for the negligence. Since their trragedy, the Avivi family has been memorializing their son with projects designed to minimize accidents in school activities.

"Our goal, now, is to save lives,” he said. “To save the children, who are dearer than anything, and to put this even before the goal of giving them an education.”