Shimon Peres
Shimon Peres Flash 90

The mass murder in Syria cannot go without an appropriate response, said President Shimon Peres at a visit to the Jerusalem police headquarters on Thursday.

Peres addressed the current status in Syria saying, “the situation in Syria is not a local incident but a crime against humanity and a breach of international law. As such, the responsible world is coming together to respond.”

“Syria has crossed a moral boundary. The whole world was witness to the horrific pictures of Syrian children who lay dead on the floor. President Obama spoke on behalf of the whole of humanity when he said this breach of international law; this mass murder could not go without an appropriate response. We must understand that the response is global, not local. We are seeing a serious coalition coming together, both militarily and diplomatically.”

Western intervention in Syria seems to be less imminent of as of Thursday morning, after US President Barack Obama said he has not yet decided on a plan for retaliatory action against Syria. In addition, UK British Prime Minister David Cameron summoned Parliament members to vote for British involvement in military strikes against Syria after waiting on UN inspectors to finish their report before holding a session.

Although, Peres has demanded intervention with Syria by the global community, he said firmly that Israel will not engage in the global chaos.

“Israel was not, and is not, involved in the Syrian fighting but if anyone tries to harm us we will respond with all our might. Israel has a strong army, modern and powerful and a more advanced defense system than ever before which protects our land, our skies and our citizens.”

Reports of Israel coming under an attack, Peres stated, were “an attempt to create panic but Israel is too experienced to fall for false propaganda. We must remain united, respect the decisions of the government and act upon the instructions of the Home Front Command. We should all have faith in the IDF.”