Mohammed Badie
Mohammed Badie Reuters

A lawyer for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claimed on Sunday that the group’s supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, was beaten by police during his arrest, Reuters reports.

Badie, 70, was arrested last Monday night in an apartment close to Rabia al-Adawiya square, where Islamist supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi held sit-ins that were cleared in a bloody crackdown by security forces last week.

Badie and other leaders of Egypt's Islamist group were arrested after the army deposed Morsi on July 3 after mass protests calling for him to go.

The lawyer, Mohamed Gharib, said that Badie refused to recognize the authority of the judiciary after Morsi's removal or to answer questions during his interrogation in jail last week.

"As soon as General Sisi finished his speech on July 3, in which he announced the suspension of the constitution and the appointment of an interim president ... Khairat al-Shater, Saad Katatni, Rashad Bayoumy and Mohammed Mehdi Akef were arrested," said Gharib, referring to other senior Brotherhood who have been arrested.

"This shows that the leaders of the bloody military coup want to get rid of their political foes," he charged, according to Reuters.

Gharib said that Badie had his false teeth knocked out during his arrest and that he does not have access to his blood pressure medication in jail.

"Badie had his place of residence ... raided and was beaten and insulted with language insulting his mother and father and their honor," Gharib charged.

He accused the prosecution of investigating the victims instead of the perpetrators, adding that prosecutors had also failed to present credible evidence to the defense team.

"Justice has been turned upside down," charged Gharib. "The real victims are being hauled to jails and accused of inciting killing though (Badie's) own son has been killed."

Egypt accuses the Brotherhood of terrorism and of subversion. Badie was charged in July with incitement to murder in connection with protests before Morsi's ouster. The trial of Badie and his two deputies was due to start on Sunday but has been postponed.

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