Gilo construction (archive)
Gilo construction (archive) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Jerusalem's municipality has approved 942 new units in southern Jerusalem, a local official said Tuesday, on the eve of the scheduled resumption of "peace talks" with the Palestinian Authority.

"The Jerusalem municipality has approved a construction plan for 942 homes in Gilo," municipal councillor Yosef Pepe Alalu (Meretz) told AFP. Extreme leftists see the neighborhood as an “illegal settlement” because it was built on land liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967.

The units are in addition to the near 1,200 homes approved by Israel on Sunday, in a move that has angered the PA and drawn fire from the international community.

If the report is accurate, the approval Alalu is talking about is probably another phase in the lengthy bureaucratic process that accompanies the construction of homes in Israel.

The approval of the same 942 homes in Gilo was already announced over two years ago, when it was reported that Gilo “will expand to the east and south, gaining 942 new housing units, thanks to a committee decision Monday in Jerusalem.”

“A zoning decision by the city's Building and Planning Committee may allow an additional 300 housing units in the future as well,” Arutz Shevareported in April of 2011. “The land where the units are to be built is owned by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and private individuals, according to media reports.”