Boaz Albert
Boaz Albert Yitzhar Spokesman

Boaz and Irit Albert, residents of Yitzhar, in Samaria, have reached a mutual decision to ignore an IDF order distancing Boaz from his home – even if Boaz has to go to jail.

The Alberts make their living from a vineyard, where they produce high quality wine. Three weeks ago, Boaz received an order distancing him from all of Judea and Samaria. Irit told Arutz Sheva they have no idea why the order was issued.

"Other than the words 'resolute security considerations,' the order contains no explanation,” she said. “It is all classified material, for security reasons. No one knows. The judge doesn't know, the prosecutor doesn't know, it's all classified. No resident in the country can be distanced without providing a reason, only we residents of Judea and Samaria.”

Albert says that they understand that there is no point fighting the order in legal channels.

"Seven years ago, my husband received an order along with other residents – also without a reason. Last time, we went to court, we filed a High Court motion, but we felt that it was all a sham from the outset and that there is nothing left to do. It turns out that if there is an order from a general, no one dares overrule it. So now we refuse to take part in the sham.”

They are willing to pay the price for their decision, she said.

“We are violating the order even if it means going to jail. It is clear to us that we must not respect the order. This is the most busy time of the year in the vineyard. Disconnecting a person from his wife, children and sustenance without a reason, especially at a time like this, is a terrible injustice.”

Irit asks anyone who can help to do so. “There has been communication with MK Orit Struk, and Minister Uri Ariel. The assistance we seek is this: whoever is pained by this – please make your feeling known. Shout. I want my husband to be with me at home. I refuse to accept that with no reason and no guilt, a person is distanced from his home.”