Doctor Israel news photo: Flash 90

Ariyai Halevi, X-ray technician at Western Galilee Hospital, posted a short status update to his Facebook page Sunday that speaks volumes, some would say, about the Middle East situation.

“So there's a 12 year old girl from Syria in the pediatric ICU for some time,” he wrote. “I had the opportunity to do several X-rays on her. One night, I arrive and the security guard (a guard or soldier is posted by each Syrian patient) tells me that the father has been brought in by the Shabak to be with the daughter.

“I walk up to the bed and the father greets me with a smile and a handshake. He then proceeds to speak to me in Arabic. Apparently, he's never seen a religious Jew before, and with my head cover and beard assumed I was some sort of Muslim. When I didn't respond fluently his smile turned into a puzzled look.

“The guard (a Druze who spoke Arabic) brought him to the side so I could do my job. Believe it or not, I have a very good bedside manner, especially with kids. After I was done, the guard came and told me that when he brought the guy to the side that he asked what I was with the getup and all. When he explained that I'm a very religious Jew and that's how we look, the dad got nervous. However, when he saw how nicely and kindly I treated his kid, he started crying and said that he can't believe that none of Syria's Arab neighbors like Lebanon or Jordan will take them in, but the religious Jew from Israel treats his kid like his own daughter.

“If only he would pass on his revelation to the rest of his country,” concludes Halevi.

On August 7, Halevi had written:

“I find it very ironic. Every week in my hospital we get several seriously wounded patients from Syria. This is besides the ones that go to Ziv, Poria, and Rambam. These patients are taken care of for free and brought to us by the U.N. since no one else will take care of them. So the U.N. knows Jews are the only ones who will help anyone no matter what background, yet they continue to bash us as Arab hating oppressors.”