Memorial Ceremony in Treblinka
Memorial Ceremony in TreblinkaHezki Ezra

Hundreds of people took part in the ceremony commemorating 70 years since the Treblinka uprising, this past Friday morning in Treblinka, Poland.

Guests at the ceremony put together by the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland included Mr. Samuel Willenberg, the last survivor of the uprising, Mr. Sigmond Rolat, Former Ambassador and Speaker of the Knesset Shevach Weiss, Deputy Minister of Education MK Avi Wortzman, Israeli official Mr. Jonny Daniels and numerous Polish Politicians.

Daniels spoke with great emotion as a Jewish spokesperson of the people of Israel, at the place were almost 1,000,000 Jews were murdered.

Mr. Daniels said, “I am moved to tears by the fact that I am standing amongst the ashes of hundreds thousands of my brothers and sisters. Standing here, proud to be a representative of Jewish survival. And stand here tall to deliver one main important message, The People of Israel Live! Am Yisrael Chai!"

Daniels added, “Exactly 70 years ago today, a symbol of Jewish heroism took place. The Jewish uprising broke out in Treblinka. Those brave men and women managed to ignite the gas chambers, kill not enough Nazis and bring Treblinka to a halt. Unfortunately few survived. And on that note, I want to personally honor you, the last remaining testimony from the Treblinka Uprising, Mr. Samuel Willenberg, an inspiration to me, my family and the entire Jewish people. The Nazis thought that they have the right to determine who may live and who may not. They thought that it is possible to invent instruments to achieve their goal. What they underestimated, was the strength of the Jewish spirit.”