The Knesset
The Knesset Israel news photo: Flash 90

Members of Knesset and ministers who support the “two-state solution” and diplomatic talks with the Palestinian Authority have organized a conference that aims to provide a response to the spate of public officials who have recently declared that there is no realistic solution to the Israel-PA conflict on the horizon.

Among the speakers who will appear at the conference Monday are controversial PA figures.

One of the names that stands out is that of Dr. Khalil Shikaki, who directs the Center for Palestinian Policy and Research in Ramallah. Shikaki’s brother, Fathi Shikaki, was a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist who was assassinated by the IDF in 1995.

Shikaki has suggested in various articles and interviews that the majority of PA  resident Arabs would welcome a U.S.-imposed peace deal between Israel and the PA along the lines of the Geneva Accord.

Another participant in Monday’s event will be former PM Minister of Prisoners Affairs Ashraf al-Ajrami, who served 12 years in an Israeli prison for terror-related offenses.

MK Moshe Mizrachi (Labor), who invited both men, said Sunday that he does not see their presence in Knesset as a problem.

“Against all the voices trying to make us despair, telling us there is nobody to talk to, and talking about a binational state to the Jordan River, in days when the American Foreign Minister is banging his head against the walls trying to restart the diplomatic process, in days when the renewed Arab Initiative which offers both a future agreement with the Palestinians and regional peace agreements has been thrown in the garbage, I thought it would be best to support the voices that seek peace and truly believe in it,” he declared.

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