Arabs on IDF jeep (file)
Arabs on IDF jeep (file) Screenshot

Arab reports Tuesday said that an Arab man was killed during an incident that took place overnight in Dura, just southwest of the city of Hevron.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said initial reports suggested soldiers had fired at a youth who had climbed onto a military vehicle.

"Overnight there was an activity in Dura village near Hevron and a group of Palestinians began hurling rocks at the security forces who were in the area," she told AFP, saying several people had begun climbing onto one of the army vehicles.

"(The soldiers) warned the suspects and used riot dispersal means, and finally they responded with fire towards one of the suspects who was on the vehicle," she said, without giving further details or confirming that anyone had been hit in the incident.

Arabs disputed the IDF's account and said that the Arab was knocked down and killed by a military jeep. Palestinian Authority police and witnesses said Tuesday that the youth, 19-year-old Moataz Sharawna, died after being hit by the vehicle after several hours of clashes between stone throwers and troops which began at midnight.

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