Wadi Kelt
Wadi Kelt Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Shin Bet, working in cooperation with the IDF and police, has exposed a PFLP terror cell from Shechem and Hevron with links to a terror network abroad. A member of the cell, Aed Fahri Marka, carried out a shooting attack against Israeli hikers near Ein Prat (Wadi Kelt) in Judea, in early May.

Marka fired at a vehicle carrying Israelis. The bullets damaged the vehicle but did not cause injury. The weapon that was used to carry out the attack has been handed over to the authorities.

Marka, 46, a PFLP activist from Hevron, admitted to carrying out the attack. He told the Shin Bet investigators that he had been in contact with PFLP memberss abroad, and met some of them in Jordan. They encouraged him to carry out attacks, he said.

He added that to his understanding, the terrorists abroad are working in cooperation with – and under the direction of – Hizbullah, the Iranian proixy militia in Lebanon.

Four more PFLP terrorists from the Hevron and Shechem areas who were members of the cell are under arrest. They have admitted to planning additional terror attacks. One of the is a woman, Tahrir Yusef Mansur, 30, of Kalil, who admitted to assisting Marka in planning and collecting information for his attacks.

The members of the cell will soon be charged formally in a military court.