Students use workbooks (illustrative)
Students use workbooks (illustrative) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Education Minister Shai Piron of Yesh Atid has issued a call to parents of schoolchildren to join book-lending programs, allowing them to save the cost of new textbooks each year.

Schools will be able to open textbook-lending programs only if at least 60 percent of parents express interest.

“Let’s talk about textbooks. They’re too expensive,” Piron wrote on his Facebook page.

“In general, the cost of education in Israel is expensive, too expensive,” he continued. “I am committed to work to make education free, to the greatest extent possible.”

“It won’t happen in a single day. But it has to happen, because it is the right of every citizen, and the duty of the state,” he declared.

The textbook-lending program is to be introduced in another 500 schools next year, meaning a total of 1,800 schools will have lending programs.

“Let’s save on the cost of books. I invite you to join the Ministry’s program. At this stage, it depends on parents’ votes,” Piron wrote.

“The next stage is to make it a way of life, like it is in most countries. It will happen. Let’s make change,” he concluded.

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