MK Eli Yishai
MK Eli Yishai Israel news photo: Flash 90

Former Minister of Interior and Shas chairman, MK Eli Yishai, said Tuesday that elected officials and human rights groups must apologize for blaming him for the 2009 murders at the Barnoar gay club in Tel Aviv.

"As some may remember,” Yishai said, “some four years ago, immediately after the murders at the Barnoar became known and before an investigation had even begun, people began to hold up signs against me and against the hareidi and religious sectors, as being somehow to blame for the murders.”

Police now say that the motive for the murder was a personal one, involving revenge for an assault carried out by a well-known homosexual.

Yishai called for “soul searching” to be carried out following the “unbearable ease” in which “an entire sector is besmirched, despite its innocence.”

"The public officials and organizations that wanted to make political hay through cynical manipulation of the murder of youths, must retract what they said and apologize to the very same sector they tried to put a stain upon,” he said.

Leftists are in no hurry to apologize for blaming the religious sector over the murders, which they proclaimed were “a hate crime”.