Soldiers, Arab rioters
Soldiers, Arab rioters Flash 90

Some 300 Border Guards and IDF soldiers were deployed Wednesday night throughout Judea and Samaria to arrest 13 wanted Arabs. The Arabs are suspected of being ringleaders in the recent rise of rock and bomb attacks against Israelis in Judea and Samaria.

The main targets of the raids were the Arab villages of Abu Dis and Azariya, adjacent to Jerusalem. However, groups of police and soldiers undertook arrests in other areas as well.

Most of the 13 detainees were charged with rioting, rock throwing, and bomb throwing in recent attacks on vehicles driving through Judea and Samaria. Several of the detainees were also arrested for damaging the security fence near Jerusalem. The detainees were being questioned by the Shabak. Border Guards officials said that it was likely that more arrests would be made, as the detainees revealed details of other wanted suspects.

Border Guards officials said that they would “not permit any hostile forces to upset the public order. These arrests were made as a result of the recent uptick in attacks in Judea and Samaria. We, along with the IDF, will continue to act with determination against rioters that endanger the public and the rule of law,” the officials said in a statement.

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