Protest at Beit El
Protest at Beit El Arutz Sheva

Residents of Beit El in the Binyamin region demonstrated Thursday against the continued rock terrorism against them by Arabs from the adjacent village.

Last week, a woman from the community was injured when an Arab boy stood near the perimeter fence and threw rocks into the community.

"We really don't understand where the sovereign power is," a resident said. "Enough with this disgrace. We are being discriminated against in order to please Obama."

A week does not go by without an attack against Beit El by Arab terrorists. "This is terror and every incident it must be treated like the terror it is," the resident said. "If the instructions for opening fire are not changed, the situation will deteriorate and reach unwanted places."

The resident called on IDF commanders to "wake up," and "to calm down the Arabs in the adjacent villages immediately."

A protest against the security situation by residents of Neria two weeks ago ended up with the beating of two Jews, one of whom is Yosef Yitzhak Kovalkin of Neria. He was beaten by a mob, as was Aharon Zlatkin, 53.

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