PA rioters
PA rioters Israel news photo: Flash 90

Soldiers and police in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) will be on alert Wednesday as Palestinian Authority residents continue to protest the death from cancer of a terrorist who was imprisoned in Israel.

The PA has ordered that schools shut down from 11 a.m. as a sign of mourning for the terrorist, 64-year-old Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh.

In the Judean Jewish-Arab city of Hevron, site of the ancient Cave of the Patriarchs, schools will be closed all day.

Hevron is one of the four holy Jewish cities mentioned in the Bible, and has been a flashpoint for clashes between Arabs and Jews for decades. 

The PA has blamed Israel in Hamdiyeh’s death, as it did for the recent death of terrorist inmate Arafat Jaradat, who died of an unexplained heart attack in an Israeli prison.

Jaradat’s death, like Hamdiyeh’s, led to a wave of rioting as PA residents accused Israel of murder.

Hamdiyeh was convicted in 2002 for a long string of terror-related offenses, including having admitted to having played a role in a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem in which several people were murdered.

He also recruited new terrorists and taught them to create bombs, and created the suicide bomb belt used in an attempted bombing in a café.

Miraculously, the bomb failed to detonate and the would-be suicide terrorist was arrested before he succeeded in his attempt to murder innocent people.

Hamdiyeh was diagnosed with terminal cancer in February. Israel began discussions on parole procedures to release him from prison in light of his deteriorating health, but he died just weeks later, before the process could be completed.

PA sources have reported that an autopsy will be conducted at which both Israeli and PA doctors are to be present.

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