9/11attack Israel news photo: Flash 90

Nearly 12 years after the event, New York City will begin a new search for the remains of victims of the 9/11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center by global jihad Al Qaeda operatives.

According to a report broadcast on ABC, piles of debris from the Twin Towers will be scanned and checked to determine whether there are any remains that can be brought to burial.

The last time debris from the terror attacks was checked was in 2010. The new search will extend for at least 10 weeks.

The families of victims have had mixed reactions, ABC reported, with some supporting the decision and some opposing. Those in favor welcome the possibility that more victims will be identified, while those opposed saying they feel there is nothing to be gained by searching after such a long period.

So far, 1,634 bodies of the 2,752 victims of the attack have been found.

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