Ido Nechushtan
Ido Nechushtan Flash90

Former Israel Air Force Commander Ido Nechushtan said Tuesday that Israel needed a “credible military option” against Iran. “We must have the ability to act if necessary and the means to send a message to Iran that we will use our abilities if we need to. I will not elaborate on this,” Nechushtan said.

Nechushtan was speaking at a special security seminar in at the University of Haifa Tuesday afternoon. Nechushtan laid out the major security challenges to Israel. “The nuclear development of Iran and the increase in the number of rockets aimed at Israel by terror groups must be our main concerns,” he said. “Only after that need we be concerned with an air or land attack. These latter dangers are far less of a problem now, and we must change our security conception in the wake of this.”

The sanctions against Iran were having an effect, but not enough of an effect to halt Iran's nuclear program. “Time is a factor when dealing with Iran,” Nechushtan said. “The Iranians are experts at dragging things along, and the only ones who profit from these delays. We must learn to deal with this as well.”

Regarding the missile threat by terrorists, Nechushtan said that “rocket terror”, as he called it, was said to be “impossible to stop, but I believe it is possible. We must constantly act against the terror groups and be accurate in our targets and actions, and that includes even when we target a vehicle a terrorist is hiding in. These targets could be in Gaza, or even further afield,” he added.

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