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Jerusalem police arrested on Monday two teenage girls on suspicion of attacking an Arab woman last week at one of the stations of the Jerusalem Light Rail.

The two, who came to the police at their own initiative to complain about being attacked by the Arab woman, were arrested and then interrogated.

A third woman from Judea and Samaria had been arrested on Sunday on suspicion of attacking the Arab woman.

On Sunday, a resident of the city of Beit Shemesh, who tried to separate the fighters, told Arutz Sheva that he had been accused by the police of having taken an active part in the fight, after the Arab woman claimed that he and his friend were present during the fight, but did nothing to separate the sides and in fact enjoyed the spectacle.

The man, Hezki Koren, said that he does not know what led to the fight, but noted that leftist photographer Dorit Dotan had been present on the scene and claimed that the Arab woman was attacked by the Jews. He said the police and the Israeli media had appeared to accept Dotan’s claims as fact.

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, who is representing the three girls accused of initiating the fight, verified Koren’s claims on Monday, telling Arutz Sheva that the entire incident is a spin by the radical left.

“The more evidence that comes in, the more the real story is being discovered,” Ben Gvir said. “There are two objective eyewitnesses, there is medical documentation and all these things indicate that the version of the Jewish girls is the correct one.”

He added, “A verbal confrontation in which the Arab woman cursed the Jewish people and said things against the State of Israel turned into a physical confrontation - with the Arab leading the physical confrontation. The girls say that they acted for reasons of self-defense.”

Ben Gvir noted that although the Arab has been telling Israeli media outlets, that were quick to classify the incident as a “lynching” of the woman, that she feared for her life during the brawl, it turns out that she did not approach the police voluntarily, doing so only after leftists convinced her to file a complaint. The woman only filed a complaint with the police four days after the fact, he said.

“Unfortunately, both the media and the police fell for this spin,” he added.