Sasha Brandt
Sasha Brandt Israel police

A second DNA test has revealed that a woman living in Ashdod is definitely not Alexandra Brandt, who went missing in 1994 at the age of 10.

Brandt’s mother had become convinced that the woman was her missing daughter after meeting her at a family event several months ago. The woman insisted that she was not Alexandra, but agreed to take a DNA test.

A DNA test comparing the woman’s DNA to that of Alexandra’s sister Lilach did not confirm or disprove that the two were sisters. However, a second DNA test that compared her DNA to that of her parents confirmed that they, and not Alexandra’s parents, are her biological relatives.

It was reported Wednesday that the woman had gone missing from her home. She apparently decided to leave temporarily to avoid the media’s attention, and is expected to return when the affair drops from the headlines.

Alexandra’s family was informed of the results on Wednesday morning. The family has seen multiple past developments revealed as false leads.