Alexandra Brandt at age 10
Alexandra Brandt at age 10 Israel police

DNA tests taken last week have failed to confirm or disprove that a woman found living in southern Israel is Alexandra Brandt, who was kidnapped in 1994 at age 10.

Alexandra Brandt’s disappearance in 1994 in Ramat Gan horrified the nation. Countless searches failed to turn up a sign as to her whereabouts.

Then, this February, her mother and sister made a shocking report: they had seen Alexandra alive and well at a family event. The woman they believed to be Alexandra denied their claims and said she had her own parents.

However, after Alexandra’s mother tracked the woman down to her home in Ashdod, she agreed to take a DNA test. Results of the test, which matched her blood against that of Alexandra’s sister, were not conclusive.

Police are now seeking the mother of the woman suspected of being Alexandra in order to test her DNA as well. However, in a new twist to the case, Haaretz reports that the woman has been missing for two days.

Alexandra’s sister Lilach revealed this week that her mother had encountered the woman she believes to be Alexandra over a year ago, and had spoken to her several times. The mother did not go to police because she lost faith in the police after they failed to solve the mystery of Alexandra’s disappearance, she explained.