Erick Stakelbeck
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The latest episode of CBN's Stakelbeck on Terror show features an event recently hosted by Erick Stakelbeck in Nashville for Moshe Goldschmidt, Mayor of Itamar, in Samaria.

The event was sponsored by a group called, which assists Jewish farmers in Israel, who suffer incessant and cruel systematic harassment by Arab thieves.

In the interview, Moshe and Leah share the truth about Israel's so-called "settlements" and why it is so important for Jews to settle the sacred Land of Israel.

They also discuss dealing with the horrific massacre of Itamar's Fogel family in 2011 and how their community came together in the aftermath, stronger than ever.

The anniversary of the murders will be marked in a cornerstone-laying ceremony at Itamar Sunday, laid for the dormitories being built at a study institute that commemorates the Fogels. The event will be attended by ministers, MKs, rabbis and military officers.