Mine field in the Golan Heights
Mine field in the Golan Heights Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Syrian man attempted to reach the Israeli border on Wednesday for reasons that remain unclear. The man was shot by IDF soldiers after he ignored calls to stop.

Soldiers fired at the man’s legs in an attempt to stop his approach without killing him.

A United Nations force took the man for treatment in a Syrian hospital.

IDF sources said the soldiers had acted appropriately. “Any attempt to cross the international border line, or to damage the [security] fence, constitutes a violation of Israeli sovereignty,” they said.

On Monday terrorists bombed a minivan along the Turkey-Syria border, killing 14 people.

A week and a half ago, Israeli soldiers spotted two men on the Syrian border. The men were discovered to be Israeli Arabs who had assisted a relative of theirs who had been convicted of murder in fleeing to Syria.