Garbage dump.
Garbage dump.Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Civil Authority and the IDF has cleared out 20,000 cubic tons of trash from an illegal Arab dump in Samaria, after ongoing appeals from an environmental organization. The Yarok Achshav (“Green Now”) group expressed its satisfaction at the resolution of the issue, preventing further damage to the environment by Arabs in the area.

The site of the dump, near the Arab village of Kafr Duma, was situated right atop a well that tapped directly in into the large aquifer that runs under Samaria. As such, there was a strong danger that the groundwater throughout the entire region would have been polluted by chemicals, medical waste, and other toxic materials Arabs dumped without regard to the environment at the site.

Appeals to the village elders by the organization went unanswered, even though they endangered more than anyone. The group then sought assistance from the Civil Authority, which has a special department that deals with environmental issues.

Yarok Achshav made its first appeal last November, and in December, the Civil Authority said it had begun organizing the removal project. Officials then requested the assistance of the Duma village leaders in the removal of the trash, and this time they responded positively.