Attack on Hassidim
Attack on HassidimScreenshot

Police have arrested six Arab youth suspected of attacking two young hareidi-religious Jewish men in Jerusalem. The six are believed to have been part of a mob assault that took place a week and a half ago during snowfall in the city.

Police had already arrested three other Arab youth in connection with the attack, bringing the total to nine.

In the attack a large group of young Arab men hurled snow at two young Hassidic men while kicking and humiliating them. The attack took place a short distance from the Old City.

The incident was filmed and uploaded on YouTube and subsequently shown in a news piece by Arutz Sheva on Saturday evening last week. Tens of thousands of people viewed the video clip, forwarding the article and the video clip among friends and posting it on to the Facebook and Twitter social networking sites to ensure that others became aware of what had happened in the Israeli capital.

The two young men who were attacked later spoke to Arutz Sheva and described the assault. The two said the mob was shouting “Death to the Jews!” in Arabic and said that they feared for their lives. They also described feeling violated and humiliated by the attack.

MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler of the hareidi-religious Yehadut HaTorah (United Torah Judaism) party contacted Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch last week to ask him to ensure that the attackers would be prosecuted.