Confiscated Weapons
Confiscated Weapons Israel Police

A crack IDF team, along with several police units, has discovered and confiscated a cache of illegal weapons. The weapons were discovered in a sheep pen in the Bedouin village of Hura in the Negev. A number of residents of the town were taken into custody.

The weapons were found in several sacks hidden inside the pen. Among the weapons were M-16 rifles and dozens of cartridges for them. Other weapons were found as well.

The owner of the pen said that he had no idea that the weapons were there, nor did he know how they got there. He was being questioned by security officials, and is currently in custody. Investigators said that it was unlikely that the owner of the pen would not have come across the  sacks.

Last week, IDF soldiers arrested a terror suspect in Hevron who had a weapons warehouse in a private home. First Lieutenant Erez Korach said that troops searched the home and found “a large quantity of weapons and ammunition. They had everything: pistols, ammunition for sniper rifles, M-16s and more.” Korach said his unit has been conducting such arrests “at least three times a week.”