Terrorist (archive)
Terrorist (archive) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Shortly after Operation Cast Lead ended in 2009 a Dutch artist began to develop a piece of artwork, intended to vilify the Israeli army and the Jewish state’s defensive and unavoidable military operation in Gaza.

“The Nomadic Memorial Cast Lead”, which was created by Dutch artist Ingrid Rollema and first performed in The Hague on September 21, 2012, the International Day of Peace, attempts to garner international sympathy through a misleading and inaccurate portrayal of facts presented to the public by way of artistic expression.

According to the website of the Brussels Museum, the project is “an installation made up of 1,430 books. The books hover above the ground and evoke the image of a graveyard. Each volume is unique and bears the name of one of the victims of Operation Cast Lead, carried out in Gaza by the Israeli army in 2008-2009. The books contain texts by writers, artists, and thinkers from East and West. They form a literary monument erected in memory of the dead: knowledge as a symbolic rampart raised against the ravages of war, which has plagued the region for too many years.”

The Elder of Zion blog notes, however, that, “Out of those 1430 books, roughly half are memorializing the names of terrorists. (Some are memorializing people killed by Hamas. Some are memorializing people who weren’t killed in Cast Lead at all, since the number of real victims was less than 1430.)”

That, however, has not hampered the artist’s efforts in memorializing, glorifying and profiting from terror, just in time for the holidays.

“Would you like to purchase one of these pieces of art?,” asks the Free Gaza website. “For €65 ($85.00), including taxes and shipping, you will receive your unique book. The holidays are coming. This gift is perfect for people who have wondered how to memorialize the names of the dead of Operation Cast Lead.”

After enduring an 8-year-long barrage of 12,000 rockets and having exhausted all other options, Israel launched a military operation against Hamas terrorists based in Gaza.  

The IDF took extensive precautions to avoid civilian casualties, while Hamas, on the other hand, continues to commit clear grave violations of international law and human rights, both against the State of Israel as well as its own civilians.