The president and co-founder of the WAZE free GPS system last week visited the Dan Academic Center. Arutz Sheva was there.

Uri Levine, explained how the easy-to-use system "enables motorists to generate map information and traffic data for themselves."

A GPS that can be downloaded with ease from the Internet without payment of any kind, WAZE is available to anyone and can be used in English as well as in Hebrew.

The friendly little cartoon drawing of a car on the road has become the symbol of "GPS for Idiots in Israel," commented one enthusiastic driver who asked not to be identified, with a sheepish grin -- but who said she uses it "all the time; it once got me out of a real jam in Bnei Brak." 

It also provides drivers with a “heads up” on information about accidents on the roads – and about speed traps, police activity and other relevant information.