Minister Benny Begin
Minister Benny Begin Israel news photo: Flash 90

Minister without Portfolio Benny Begin announced Thursday afternoon that in the wake of the results of the Likud primaries, he will not be included on Likud's list for Knesset, and that he asks Likud members and activists to stop trying to place him on the list.

The unusual statement was issued after the Likud Elections Committee decided to hold a discussion Sunday in an attempt to place Begin on the list, despite the primaries result.

The Committee received a letter signed by local authority heads from Likud asking that Begin be placed in a realistic spot in the joint Likud / Yisrael Beytenu list.

"Binyamin Ze'ev Begin is a member of the Likud movement since childhood about whose heritage and great contribution to the movement there is no need to waste words," they wrote. "He symbolizes, in our eyes, true Zionism, and the eternal values of the Torah of Israel, and must be in a realistic position in the list of members for the 19th Knesset." 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said after the primaries that he would work to place Begin and Minister Dan Meridor in his cabinet despite their setbacks in the primaries.

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