Shalits with Netanyahu and Barak
Shalits with Netanyahu and BarakIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Likud primaries candidate Attorney Yossi Fuchs caused a storm this week when he sent a critical remark to Noam Shalit on Facebook. He replied to a call from Shalit, who is running in the Labor party primaries, to “replace this bad government.”

“In his place, he should hold a constant vigil next to the home of Binyamin Netanyahu, like he knew how to do for years without seeing the tears in the eyes of the hundreds of bereaved families whose loved ones’ murderers were likely to go free for the sake of releasing his son,” Fuchs wrote.

“But this time not a protest vigil, but a vigil of thanksgiving to Netanyahu for returning his son Gilad alive and well, because without this ‘bad’ government, Shalit could, G-d forbid, have been part of the circle of bereaved families – like Prime Minister Netanyahu himself.”

Fuchs added that he wants to believe that Shalit’s years-long campaign for Gilad’s release at any price was inspired simply by a father’s love for his son, and not by political aims.

The post got thousands of “likes” and sparked many responses from Facebook users in Israel and around the world. “The thousands of likes and responses… just prove that Noam Shalit set a new record of chutzpah and ingratitude for Israeli politics,” Fuchs said Wednesday.