Bedouin burn Jewish cow barn
Bedouin burn Jewish cow barn Photo by Akiva Bigman, Mida website

Bedouin lawlessness continues to plague Jews in the Negev, this time with a "price tag” arson of a kibbutz cow barn as an act of revenge for Israel trying to regulate a Bedouin settlement known as Bir Hadaj.

The Mida website reported that villagers rioted and burned tires on highways, closing off access to Kibbutz Revivim and Kfar Retamim, according to a translation of the Hebrew article by Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA).

Arab Knesset Member Taleb al Sana reportedly witnessed the disturbance, which was dispersed by police but then was followed by the arson of a cow barn at Revivim.

"I was working on the roof and saw [someone] coming from the orchards and throw something at the barn," Shlomi Shoshan, who was installing solar panels on the roofs of the barn of the kibbutz, told Mida.

"Before I could understand what it was, the barn caught fire." Seconds later, he heard the sounds of an all-terrain vehicle, which apparently was waiting nearby to rush the arsonist away from the scene.

Two weeks ago, the kibbutz lost 16 calves in a theft that was observed on a closed-circuit video. Bedouin thieves previously have stolen 16 other calves.

"What is happening here right now is a problem between the police and the Bedouin," Eran Erez, manager of the kibbutz dairy, told Mida. "Kibbutz Revivim is not a party to this. We have nothing to do with this matter and harmed nobody," he said.

"Besides letting off their anger and frustration, this action doesn’t give the Bedouin anything and only leads us to the situation that we will not have food for the cows.”

The same day, the kibbutz discovered three water pipes to the fields were sabotaged.

He said the kibbutz is not able to protect orchards and barns outside its fence. “We are very vulnerable. Nothing stops someone from coming at night and burning the rest. To maintain it properly would require a battalion of police.”

Police often do not enter Bedouin villages for fear of reprisals.

Tens of thousands of Bedouin have confiscated land through the Negev and established illegal villages, which the government calls “unrecognized villages,’ in contrast to the mainstream media term regarding  “illegal Jewish settlements” in Judea and Samaria.

The lawlessness extends to cities such as Arad, where businessmen have told Arutz Sheva they have to pay protection money to Bedouin to guarantee they will not be burglarized.

Below is the video of the theft of calves.