People raise the American flag among the wrec
People raise the American flag among the wrec Reuters

Al Qaeda's cell in Somalia on Wednesday said Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc on the East Coast, was Allah's punishment for America's “disbelief” and “crimes against Islam”, The Hill reported.

In a series of tweets Wednesday afternoon, al Shabaab urged people in the United States to convert to Islam "before it's too late." 

“Allah imposes disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes & volcanic eruptions so as to punish the Kuffar [infidels] who have rejected the call of Islam,” al Shabaab said in its first tweet.

“The path of destruction carved by hurricane Sandy in the US is just a tiny fragment of the punishment warranted by their heinous atrocities,” the group continued. “Destroying everything by the command of Allah, these punishing winds serve as a just recompense for their disbelief and crimes against Islam. It is the answer to the prayers of the oppressed Muslims accross (sic) the globe and a response to the silent whispers of the Muslim prisoners.”

“So we call upon the Kuffar in the US to reject their falsehood before it's too late, embrace Islam and enter to the fold of the faithful,” it added.

Al Shabaab took over much of southern Somalia between 2009 and 2010 but has been pushed out of the capital, Mogadishu, and other cities over the past year, by a U.S.-backed African Union force.

“That you embrace Islam is dearer to us than having to slaughter you for your crimes and invoking Allah to punish you with such calamities,” the group said in another tweet.

Meanwhile, some pro-government supporters in Syria also welcomed the superstorm, claiming it was the result of high-tech secret engineering.