Construction Israel news photo: Flash 90

Palestinian Authority sources report the Netanyahu government planned to build more than 11,000 new housing units last year around areas of Jerusalem restored to the city since the 1967 Six Day War.

According to a report by the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department, between September 2011 and 2012, “Israel planned, in different stages (tendering, approvals) at least 11,096 housing units for settlements and and around” the restored areas of Jerusalem.

The report was quoted Monday by the semi-official WAFA news agency, which claimed it “lists key facts about illegal Israeli policies and violations of international law.” 

Among those was a statement that the new housing units, if approved, would provide news homes for at least 44,000 residents.

In addition, the report complained about bypass roads built to connect Jewish communities around the area with each other and Jerusalem. The roads, claimed the report, “isolate Palestinian villages from one another and are mostly off limits to Palestinian cars.”

Such roads bypass Arab villages and other dangerous spots where Jewish drivers have been targeted in the past by lethal terrorist attacks but are generally not off-limits to Arabs.

They do cut travel time for commuters who need to reach their jobs in major cities without having to dodge rock attacks, bullets, firebombs and traffic jams caused by trucks carrying various types of produce and other goods. 

Highway 60, for example, travels from Samaria in the north, through Jerusalem to Judea in the south. It cuts travel time from the southern Jerusalem suburban community of Neve Daniel to the main part of the city to a trip of literally eight minutes on the clock. A trip from the nearby community of Efrat, across the road and just south of Bethlehem, also along Highway 60, is likewise a quick trip only 10 minutes' drive.

PA cars bearing green-and-white and black-and-white license plates are often seen zipping along the road just as often as those bearing yellow Israeli license plates.

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