Ron Nachman
Ron Nachman Israel news photo: Flash 90

The left-wing media is being driven crazy by its hate for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, says Ron Nachman, mayor of Ariel.

“They are willing to forget all the ethical norms, just to oust Netanyahu,” he charged, speaking to Arutz Sheva. “It is chaos, there’s no law, no ethics, everything is kosher, just to oust the Prime Minister and nationalist camp – it’s terrible.”

The phenomenon reminds him of “the media and journalists who supported Arik Sharon and forgave him everything because of the Disengagement, just like they forgave Yitzchak Rabin everything because of Oslo,” he said.

The attempt to bring former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert back into politics after his conviction for breach of trust shows the depths of media hate, he said. He called on Olmert’s supporters to stop their efforts to bring him back. “You can’t build a country with hate, just like you can’t do so with a family or city,” he said.

“There’s a fervor here motivated by jealousy or hate, and nothing can be built from that,” he added. “They will fail, because anyone whose election campaign is based in personal attacks to smear the opponent will eventually fail.”

However, Nachman also warned Netanyahu and his supporters not to let polls in his favor make them complacent. “What will determine [the race] is whether everyone will come vote on election day and make a large right-wing bloc opposite the left, which, along with the Arabs, will try to create a large enough bloc to block the right,” he said.

“We need to use our brains and intellects, not our emotions,” he continued. “To look forward. Our strength is in our unity.”

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