Sick Arab child, father at Gaza crossing.
Sick Arab child, father at Gaza crossing. Israel news photo: Flash 90

A leftist website that accused Israel of attempting to attack "specific Arab communities" with strains of the SARS virus" is involved in a "B-movie fantasy," says Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor. Israel's health ministry has warned local hospitals to be on alert for the virus since two cases, including one person who died of the illness, were identified in Saudi Arabia in the past several weeks.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva on Sunday morning, Palmor firmly denied the accusation.“This B movie fantasy is not even scientifically feasible,” Palmor said scornfully. 

“What is nevertheless very real and very terrifying,” he continued, “is not this bogus virus, but the extent of the paranoic hate propaganda distributed by some sick mind [and] gullibly repeated by others.”

Writing for the OccupyCorporatism website last week, Susanne Posel accused Israel in an article of bio-warfare using the SARS virus.

In her piece, Posel claimed Israel's Ministry of Defense has been working with a UK defense facility at Porton Down to develop “a race-specific bio-weapon” to be aimed at “specific Arab communities.”

In an attempt to imply that two confirmed cases identified recently in Saudi Arabia by the World Health Organization were victims of an Israeli attack, Posel wrote, “And considering the new SARS virus which was discovered to have effected (sic) two people of Arabic descent who were taken to the UK for further analysis, it appears that this bio-weapon is a reality.”

The article, posted September 26, quoted “anonymous Israeli and US intelligence sources” as saying “a genetically modified bacterium/virus was being developed” as a bio-weapon that could be spread through the air or water supply.

“The Zionist-controlled Israeli government has been trying to identify specific genes carried by human (sic) of Arab descent in order to create a race-specific bioweapon that would covertly be exposed to Arab populations in order to commit a massive ethnic cleansing,” Posel wrote.

“The focus would be certain Arab communities,” she stated, quoting “Dedi Zucker, Israeli parliament member” who “explained” that morally, based on Israel's history, tradition and experience, “such a weapon is monstrous and should be denied.”

Zucker, a founder of Israel's extreme left Peace Now and B'Tselem political movements, has not been a member of the country's Knesset (parliament) since 1999. The former MK could not be reached for confirmation of his remarks.