A photo from the campaign
A photo from the campaign PR photo

The Prime Minister’s Office, Finance Ministry and Education Ministry will unveil an ad campaign Wednesday showing how the government has lowered the cost of living. The campaigns come as “social justice” movements attempt to recreate the large protests last summer over high prices.

The ads will focus on two major steps taken this year: making preschool education nearly free beginning at age 3, rather than age 5, and giving working parents more tax credits for their young children.

The first is expected to save the parents of 270,000 children 800 shekels a month in preschool fees. The tax credits will save working fathers of children under the age of three up to 430 shekels a month, and working mothers of children up to age 5 can save up to 215 shekels a month.

The campaign sought out families around the country that are benefitting from the changes, and created four short videos.

In one, the viewer meets the Greenberg family of Hod Hasharon. Chen works in recruitment, Chaim works in quality control, and their joint income rose by 700 shekels a month thanks to the new tax breaks. The video calls on viewers to check to see if they, too, are eligible.

In another video, parents Golan and Neta Bukovza of Ashdod talk about the savings they enjoy thanks to the free preschool for their two young children.