Syria fighting
Syria fighting Israel news photo: Flash 90

Over 25,000 people are estimated to have been killed thus far in Syria's civil war, and both sides of the conflict are engaging in cruelty.

A Lebanese newspaper, Al Ahbar, tells the story Tuesday of a 31-year-old Syrian who went from slaughtering animals to slaughtering people.

The man, identified only as Faez D., was arrested by the Lebanese Army after he crossed the border from Syria illegally. He was interrogated by Lebanese intelligence forces, who learned that he was active in the Al-Farouk battalion, which belongs to Al Qaeda. Two of his brothers are also active in the battalion, and another heads another Al Qaeda affiliated group in the Homs region.

Faez was born in 1981 in the Syrian village of Al Kuseir, near the Lebanese border. He infiltrated into Lebanon as a youth and found employment in a slaughterhouse. He later returned to Syria and served in an aerial defense unit. When the war against Bashar Assad's rule broke out, he began to sneak into Lebanon to raise funds for Al Qaeda's units.

Videos of slain Syrians were found in his cellphone.

He admitted he had stabbed dozens of Syrian soldiers to death with a knife, slaughtering them by cutting their necks, after they had been caught by rebels at a roadblock near Al Kuseir. He did so under orders from a commander named Abu Hamza.