Mohammed Morsi
Mohammed Morsi Flash 90

Army of Islam, the Salafi terrorist organization suspected of being behind the terror attack in the Sinai last week, threatened on Wednesday that it would carry out mass suicide bombings in the heart of Cairo, in response to the Egyptian military’s operation against Islamic organizations in the Sinai.

“No one will condemn the people of Sinai if they react with a car bomb in the heart of Cairo,” the group, which advocates for running Gaza according to Islamic law, said in a statement posted on a Facebook page affiliated with it.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has begun persecutions, led by the agent (Egyptian President Mohammed) Morsi,” said the statement. “Things are moving rapidly. Washington tells Morsi it will help him defend Sinai ... The United States is entering Sinai on the back of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The organization attacked the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, accusing it of heresy and non-implementation of Sharia (Islamic law). It also accused the Brotherhood for persecuting of the Mujahideen, as evidenced this week when a death sentence was imposed on 14 terrorists who carried out a string of terror attacks in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Army of Islam also called on the Egyptian public to provide moral and material assistance to its members who are persecuted by the authorities.

Egypt has launched a crackdown on Sinai terrorism in recent days, in response to the terror attack near the border with Israel last week, in which 16 Egyptian officers were killed.

A report from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center has indicated that international terrorist groups with roots in Libya, Sudan and Iraq are working to take over the Sinai Peninsula.

Efforts to turn the region into a major launching point for attacks are being encouraged by Al-Qaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri, the report stated.