Burnt vehicles are seen after a bomb exploded
Burnt vehicles are seen after a bomb exploded Reuters

Syrian rebels claimed they destroyed Assad’s military headquarters Wednesday morning with a serious of simultaneous bomb blasts.

The Syrian government claimed that no one was killed and that the explosion was close to a nearby hotel, but it is difficult to confirm any news from Syria because of the official ban on foreign journalists. One reporter said he was at the scene and that the bomb exploded in the parking lot of the military compound.

The attack was a psychological victory for the Free Syria Army, and rebels claimed the bomb inflicted major damage and multiple injuries at a meeting of senior military leaders.

Free Syria Army officer Abu al Nour said the military headquarters was completely leveled and that none of the 150 people inside have been seen since the explosion, Al Arabiya reported. He said eight bombs exploded in the building.

Fierce clashes broke out after the explosions. Other reports echoed the official Syrian media statement that one bomb struck parked cars at a nearby hotel used by United Nations observers.

Clashes ensued after the bombing hit the parking area of Syrian government general staff headquarter in Damascus, reported Syrian TV. Ambulances were seen rushing to the scene of the explosion.

The civil war is claiming up to 100 and more lives every day, and American officials Tuesday confirmed previous reports that Iran has commanded a militia to help the embattled Syrian President, Bashar Assad.

U.S. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the militia is relieving pressure on Assad’s forces.

The Syrian army is “having resupply problems, they are having morale problems, they are having the kind of wear and tear that would come of being in a fight for as long as they have,” according to Dempsey.

The Obama administration is trying to stay out of the ear, despite the carnage and brutal murder of civilian men, women and children. Dempsey told reporters that the United States will not unilaterally impose a no-fly zone over Syria, as requested by rebels.

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