Fire at Motza (file)
Fire at Motza (file) News 24 / Shmuel Ben Yishai

A fire broke out Thursday afternoon in the woods near Even Sapir in the Jerusalem region. A fire raged in the same place one day earlier.

Eight firefighting crews from Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh and two planes were sent to put out the fire. Several other crews are on their way.

No injuries have been reported, and there has been no damage to private property.

Yesterday firefighters fought a fire near Even Sapir for hours. Rescue workers considered evacuating the town, but in the end did not need to. Dozens of dunams of natural forest were destroyed.

Four Arab men from Palestinian Authority regions in Judea and Samaria were arrested on suspicion of arson. Police are also looking into the possibility that the fire was caused by negligent campers.