Building Maoz Esther
Building Maoz EstherFlash 90

Security forces flooded the Maoz Esther outpost in the Binyamin region late on Tuesday night. The entire outpost, consisting of multiple makeshift homes and one synagogue, was destroyed.

Residents expressed fury over the demolition. “We protest this crime, that Bibi [Netanyahu] and his police are busy destroying Jewish homes in the land of Israel instead of focusing on fighting our enemies,” they said.

“We will not forget and we will not forgive,” they warned.

The outpost, near the town of Kochav Hashachar, was first established in 2005, during the Hanukkah holiday. It was dismantled just days later, but was reestablished in 2007.

It was named in honor of Esther Galia, who was shot and killed by terrorists while driving home to Kochav HaShachar. The synagogue at the site is named Shirat Yonadav in memory of Yonadav Hirschfeld who was killed in the Mercaz HaRav terrorist attack.

Maoz Esther has been repeatedly demolished and rebuilt over the years.