IDF forces (file)
IDF forces (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Soldiers serving along the border with Egypt have repeatedly requested that they be transported to and from their positions in bulletproof buses. According to Voice of Israel radio, the requests were renewed after Sunday's incident, in which sniper fire hit a bus carrying soldiers on Route 10.

According to the report, the bus was carrying male and female soldiers who were returning to their positions after the Sabbath break.

The bus driver, Yaniv Moyal, described the events: "We heard noises and one of the female soldiers smelled a burning smell. So I stopped at the side of the road to check what had happened. Suddenly I saw holes in the sides of the bus and in the wheel. So I told her it was gunfire, we were being fired at. So we got back on the bus and the rest of the ride was full of crying and shouting."

The IDF Spokesman's Unit responded laconically, saying the assignment of bulletproof buses was carried out "in accordance with situation assessments."

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