Nationalist satire team Latma has aired another skit in a series that takes on Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer, through a fictional character named Yariv Googleheimer. 

In this sketch, Googleheimer, played by Noam Yacobson – who plays virtually all of Latma's fictional characters – gives a revealing monologue that sums up Googleheimer's world view.

While leftist satires like Channel 2's Eretz Nehederet routinely demonize nationalists on prime time television and even on El Al planes, the left does not seem as good at taking satire as it is at dishing it out, even if it is only a YouTube satire with a relatively limited audience. 

Oppenheimer took exception to a previous Latma skit and accused the nationalist camp of "systematically and cunningly… attempting to portray whoever does not think like they do as anti-Israeli, as a traitor, as an enemy within."

"I find myself battling dark forces that try to put things in my mouth that I never said," he complained.

Latma editor-in-chief Caroline Glick said in response: "Oppenheimer is a hypocrite. We are a satirical program with a satirical message and he is a serious person. This is a person who calls an entire sector in Israel 'a cancer in the heart of the nation,' not in a skit, but in a serious article he published. So there is no need to get worked up over what he said." 

The Latma team has received awards and had been in advanced negotiations with Israel's goverment-sponsored Channel One television for a permanent slot on TV, but the negotiations failed.